Thursday, January 18, 2007

Under the weather

Not me, but my guy. He's got a fever, stuffy nose and cough. His eyes are glassy and his face flushed. So, I bought some slippery elm lozenges for his throat, and for the first time bought Sambu Guard, a liquid mixture of echinacea, elderberry and vitamin C. For preventive purposes I am taking astragalus (which I take daily anyway) and echinacea tincture. I'm also taking the Sambu Guard which tastes sweet but is OK. Both astragalus and echinacea boost the immune system. They do not necessarily eliminate colds and flus, per se. I've found my tendency towards getting a cold/flu to be reduced since I've started taking astragalus daily throughout the year.
I hope I don't get arrested for this! It's not what you think. It's hand collected Mullein leaves, dried and placed in a bowl and burned. Mullein is great for relieving a stuffed nose. And most people think it's a nuisance weed!! I've been burning some in the kitchen and hoping I don't set off the smoke alarm.

Truthfully it's been years since I've gone to a doctor with a cold or flu. I handle these afflictions myself. I rest and drink herbal teas and if desperate call my homeopathic practitioner. Although she can rarely DO anything except commiserate. But then, what can doctors actually do? Those folks who come down with bronchitis or pneumonia, yes a doctor can maybe help them. But otherwise....they too say drink plenty of fluids, take two aspirin and call me in the morning.

My dad was a doctor, very conventional. He thought homeopathy and herbal medicines was a lot of hooky. I am quite happy with my alternative health care. Much of health care is common sense, anyway. I take responsibility for my own health, and tend to my ailments pretty much on my own. I use no prescription drugs and have not taken an antibiotic for years. Not that I wouldn't consult with an MD if really, really necessary.

I've studied herbal health care with Susun Weed of Woodstock, NY via a correspondence course and with Donna Wood Eaton. Donna has an herb farm and teaches classes and does wellness consultations.

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