Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Collage experiment

I tried a new (for me) collage technique created by artist Anne Bagby and seen in Somerset Magazine. First I cut up scrap papers into little squares.
Then I glued the squares in rows onto tissue paper using acrylic medium as glue. This shows just one row, but I did many rows.
Each sheet I painted a different color. Here, yellow, purple and white. I also made a sheet using fake gold leaf.
When dry, I cut the sheets up into strips.

Then I glued the strips down in new arrangements on fresh tissue paper. Be sure to lay the tissue paper on top of freezer paper before gluing. Then, when dry, the tissue paper and glued on strips will lift off the freezer paper with ease.
My only problem is that these final pieces are too gaudy and busy. So I'll have to go in with some paint and calm them down. I think I didn't "get" something about the project. Also, I don't like these bright colors. But I like the technique. Especially using up all these bits of scrap papers I've collected.

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