Thursday, January 25, 2007

Bibbitty Returns!!!!

After I called the animal rescue place and reported B. missing to the animal control people, she walked in around 3pm yesterday. If only cats could talk, eh? She seems dazed still so I've mixed up some rescue remedy to give her. I haven't seen her drink but she's nibbled at some food. And made a kitty litter visit. Otherwise she's been sleeping on the bed.


mary said...

I'm so glad your little cat returned unharmed--I've been very worried about her! Now will she stay indoors???

sukipoet said...

Thanks Mary. I think it would be impossible to keep her indoors, although since returning she has not wanted to go outside except for a few moments. She was (I think) living in the wild when she came to me, maybe abandoned, although she once had an owner as she had been altered. So she is in quite a frenzy, when the weather is nice, to get outside and play. I know there is big debate amongst people re: keeping cats inside vs letting them outside and I seem to recall you told me that cats kills 80 creatures(or something like that) a day including bugs and that you advocated keeping them inside. I've always let my cats do as they please but I am often conflicted about it.