Saturday, December 23, 2006

My humble Christmas

A handmade Origami card Carol sent me a few years ago. I save special cards and display them every year.

I have not written much about Christmas, as some of the other bloggers I read have been doing. I mailed out a few packages to family members. Otherwise I have purchased very little for Christmas.

Once I had two medium sized boxes full of decorations. Now they fit into a shoebox. But I wanted something new/old. So I went to a few thrift stores to shop.

I bought two handmade felt Christmas Trees to hang in my door for 25 cents each. I bought an angel candle holder of glass for $1.00. I bought a little wooden angel who sits on the window ledge for $1. And a poinsettia for $6.(In a "real" store.)Also new is a beeswax candle shaped like an evergreen tree for $6, made by a local honey company.

For some far away friends, I am writing a letter with my Christmas Card. This I consider a gift.

Lest you think my Christmas is too barren, I received several packages from friends. We chose to simply exchange books we'd read and loved. So I have a stack waiting.

What more could one ask for? Mild weather. Loved friends and relations. And a stack of books to read?

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