Friday, December 08, 2006


Feeling a bit of holiday stress and I am doing very little. Just mailing a couple of gifts to family members. My friends, with whom I've exchanged gift packages from afar for years, have all decided not to do gifts, as has our meditation women's group. I have done no home decorating except for putting some old but beloved Christmas cards around.

Today will buy a wreath for the front door. And pick up a blog book from the library. I read the book once, but have forgotten how to add links and the "help" section of blogger doesn't explain it very accurately.

I've been cleaning my studio which was in a state of chaos. I am working on two book altering projects whilst awaiting the receipt of my 8x8 pre-stretched canvases from Dick Blick. So it's good to have my desk cleared. Have not been able to find a little doodad to use in one of the books. I saw the doodad recently but searched through all my boxes without success.

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